Using the tools techniques and assessment instruments developed by Dr. Patrick Sherry, Osprey Leadership has developed a reputation for and is dedicated to developing top leaders and leadership teams. We assess talent, teams, and organizations, then diagnose opportunities to increase their effectiveness. We develop and coach executives and teams to maximize results and sustain leadership success.

Osprey’s consultants have decades of experience working with high-level and high-performance individuals and teams. We gather data to assess performance dynamics and identify the goals needed for success. Then we guide leaders along the often-challenging path to reach those goals. Osprey’s combination of scientific data analysis and artful facilitation is proven to get results.

Osprey allies with clients to achieve the highest quality outcomes. Beginning with a detailed assessment of leadership and team strengths, Osprey consultants serve as trusted partners for clients, supporting them as they identify and gain confidence in leadership roles needed for success.

Osprey develops a unique program for each client.   Dr. Sherry's expertise in custom designed assessment tools, development approaches, and coaching activities are utilized to provide unique customized tools for each team or individual. Osprey objectively identifies critical actions that teams or individuals need to take and guides them, with honesty and integrity, to pursue opportunities for positive change. The result is high-impact, high-performance leadership in your organization.