Sample Women's Leadership Assessment

The questionnaire on this site is designed to help individuals and their organization assess their Leadership Skills.

The site also generates a report which shows an individual's self-assessed skills, their supervisors, managers and peers assessment of those same skills and compares them to other individuals, as well as department and organization averages.

To assess Leadership Skills you should ....

  • complete the Leadership Assessment questionnaire; and, at the end of that questionnaire, you will be asked a few demographic questions to help organize the output.
  • when answering the questions think of your current experience with your current department or work group.

Please note:

Once you begin the assessment you will need to complete it in a single session. This should take approximately 5 minutes.

If you navigate away from the Questionnaire Page, you will lose all your responses and will have to start the questionnaire anew.  Please proceed accordingly.

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