Organization Inclusiveness Assessment

The questionnaire on this site is designed to help members of an organization, assess their perceptions of the atmosphere of inclusiveness within their organization.

After completing the questionnaire, the site will generate a report which will show how individuals self-assessed the organizational atmoshpere of inclusiveness and will also compare them to the average of responses by others who have also taken the questionnaire.

To assess your sense of the Inclusiveness Atmosphere you should ....

  • complete the Inclusiveness Assessment questionnaire; and, at the end of that questionnaire, you will be asked a few demographic questions to help organize the output.
  • when answering the questions think of your current experience with your current team, department or work group.

Please note:

This following questionnaire, including all content and reports generated, are the intellectual property of P. Sherry Consulting, Inc. and copyrighted thereby. By proceeding to the Assessment you acknowledge that copyright and agree that the assessment, its content and reports generated, are confidential and may not be copied or reproduced in any manner.

Once you begin the assessment you will need to complete it in a single session. This should take approximately 5 minutes.

If you navigate away from the Questionnaire Page, you will lose all your responses and will have to start the questionnaire anew.  Please proceed accordingly.

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